Partner Assessments

If your company sells through a channel partner or distributor, the primary relationship with the end customer probably lies with your channel partner. You may have a strong relationship with your partner but a tenuous one with the end customer. This situation is often complicated by the fact that you may have your own direct salesforce that competes directly with the channel.

Our Partner Relationship Quality (PRQ™) assessments take this dilemma into account by assessing the quality of the relationship at two different levels:

    • Between you and each of your channel partner
    • Between your channel partner and the end customer


Partner Relationship Quality (PRQ™)

PRQ 640x480Our channel partner assessments are based on the fact – academically proven – that a long-term business relationship is built upon a combination of Trust between both business partners, and a strong Commitment to make that partnership work over the long term.

For the partnership to work, your product offering must be seen as an excellent Solution not just by the end customer but by the channel partner. The reason is simple – channel partners that do not perceive you as an innovative and leading edge company, will not be enthusiastic about promoting and selling your products and services. As a result, your Share Of Wallet will decline.

Similarly, if they perceive you as difficult to do business with or do not see you as a partner critical to their long-term success, you will receive a poor Experience score and your Share of Wallet will also decline.

Fundamental to the channel relationship is the Service that you provide them. Are you seen as reliable? Are you responsive to their needs? Do you treat them with the proper care and attention?


Net Promoter Score (NPS)

As is the case with our other assessment services, our Partner Relationship Quality (PRQ™) methodology incorporates the internationally-recognised Net Promoter Score (NPS)* benchmark.

Today, we measure and monitor PRQ and NPS at account level for some of the world’s leading organisations, including some of the largest insurance companies.

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