Product Release

1 September 2016

Deep-Insight is delighted to announce the release of Deep-Dive – our new cloud-based reporting and analysis tool.

Deep-Dive logo

We listened when you told us you need an easier way to interact with the data we gather to help you answer key business questions. 

Deep-Dive integrates the results of your ongoing customer assessments into one place and gives you the power to interrogate to a deep level how your business is performing, helping you identify trends and accurately pinpoint areas for improvement.


What can Deep-Dive do for you?
Need to know the Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) scores for key accounts in a specific business area?  Wondering how your Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been trending in recent quarters?  No problem! You can now do this in 2 to 3 clicks.

Other features that Deep-Dive can provide in a few clicks include:

  • Identifying what the detractors within your Tier 1 customers have said
  • Showing how many accounts have improved and disimproved for a specific geographic location (or a selection of regions)
  • Assessing the performance of an account manager on a single screen
  • Calculating how decision makers in each market segment have scored on question 12
  • Trending Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) scores over time

With Deep-Dive, you can export these graphs and results to PDF or Excel for easy distribution to a wider audience.


You choose who has access to Deep-Dive

You are the owner of your Deep-Dive and you choose who has access to it. Logins can be provided to senior executives allowing them access to all client data, or restricted access to other personnel, giving them access for their specific area.


How Soon Can We Use It?

Over the coming months, we will be contacting our customers to introduce you to this new and exciting intelligence tool on a free trial basis.

As we want every customer to be able to use Deep-Dive to its full potential, there are some considerations for every customer that we can address on an individual basis:

  • What historic data should be included?
  • What login permissions need to be considered?
  • Storing the data permanently on Deep-Dive may require us to provide you with some additional security information in advance of releasing the tool to you.

A member of the Deep-Insight team will be in contact with you to introduce you to Deep-Dive.