At Deep-Insight, we help MDs and Sales Directors understand the REAL drivers of customer loyalty. Our key measure of loyalty is a metric called Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™) and we track CRQ scores down to account level for of some of the world’s leading organisations.

Most consumer companies measure customer satisfaction. Many business-to-business (B2B) companies also track customer satisfaction in the hope that it will help them predict customer loyalty. Unfortunately, it does not. The reason is simple – satisfaction is transitory. Customers can be happy one day, but very unhappy the following day if they experience a major service issue. Customer satisfaction is an excellent metric for monitoring service, but a poor predictor of customer retention.

If you want to know if your key customers are likely to remain loyal, you need to measure more than just satisfaction. You need a Deep-Customer-Insight assessment that also measures some of the softer aspects of a business relationship, such as Trust and the level of Commitment your clients have to a long-lasting client relationship with you.

Deep-Insight Relationship Categories

We identify your “Ambassadors” and “Rationals” (your most valuable customers) and profile the specific issues that may be driving your “Ambivalents”, “Stalkers” and “Opponents” to move their business elsewhere.

An optional addition to this Deep-Insight service is our Account Manager Index (AMI™) reports that help you understand the effectiveness of your account managers are at building long-term relationships with clients.

Deep-Customer-Insight assessments are delivered electronically to your clients – in any language and to any country in the world – and will provide you with an early-warning system that identifies potential customer or account defections BEFORE they happen.

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