Employee Assessments

If you truly wish to understand how committed your employees are to the future success of your company, and what value they deliver to your customers, then you need an Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ™) assessment – an in-depth examination of how your staff feel about their relationship with the organisation.


Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ™)

ERQ 640x480So what will a Deep-Insight employee assessment tell you?

To start with, our online assessments provide a holistic assessment of employee performance by examining all the fundamental elements that drive successful relationships between companies and their employees – elements such as Cooperation, Commitment and Trust.

Cooperation is a measure of the level of teamwork within a company. Commitment is a measure of the emotional attachment (pride and loyalty) that employees have, as well as a measure of the rational (rewards and opportunity). Trust is a measure of how fair and honest the senior management are perceived to be in the company.

In turn, these key elements of employee performance are driven by staff perception of Communication, Culture, Technology, Competence and Supervision within the company. These are the levers that management can pull to adjust and improve the overall levels of Trust and Commitment within an organisation.


Employee Segmentation

At the heart of our Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ™) assessments is a segmentation approach that identifies the percentage of Ambassadors and Rationals (your best and most productive staff) in the organisation, while also highlighting the proportion of poorer-performing staff – we call them Ambivalents, Fence Sitters and Opponents who typically deliver poor service to customers and may actually destroy relationships with key accounts.
Deep-Insight Relationship Categories
The objective of this segmentation approach is not to identify under-performing individuals – our assessments are completely confidential – but to highlight the underlying causes of disengagement and lack of commitment within the company.


Employee Net Promoter Score (E-NPS)

Our Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ™) methodology incorporates the internationally-recognised Employee Net Promoter Score (E-NPS)* benchmark.

Today, we measure and monitor ERQ and Employee NPS at account level for some of the world’s leading organisations.

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