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What we do

We set up and run Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes for large B2B organisations that deliver real results. We operate at executive and board level.

We provide you with the unvarnished truth about what your key clients, channel partners and employees REALLY think of you. Do they trust you? Are they committed to you? Are they satisfied?

We bring a unique methodology and 20 years of B2B benchmarking data across multiple industries and countries to give you the strategic insights you need to transform your organisation.

What we do for CEOs

We provide a framework, methodology and tools for building customer-centric and employee-centric organisations

What we do for Sales Directors

We deliver improved account management, better retention rates and much deeper and profitable client relationships

What we do for HR Directors

We improve employee commitment and engagement to help in the ongoing war for talent

Services we offer

What I love most about Deep-Insight is the interaction we have with leadership teams and boards as they work to create more customer-centric and employee-centric organisations. For many of our clients, that can be a long and challenging journey but ultimately it’s a hugely rewarding and profitable one.

Contact us if you are thinking about embarking on that journey, or you’re already on it but your CX or EX programmes are failing to deliver real benefits.

John O'Connor

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