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Week 0-4

Get Buy-In

  • Executive buy-in – the first and most critical step in ensuring the success of an ongoing CX programme. Let our team of experts assist you in securing ongoing visible support from your Leadership Team.
  • Account team buy-in – the next step. We’ll run workshops with all the relevant stakeholders in your organisation to make sure everybody understands their role in this CX programme.
Week 4-12


  • A well-executed communications plan with clients will help you reap the rewards of high completion rates.
  • Use our communications planning tools and templates to make this step easy.
Week 4-8

Plan & Prepare

  • Which Key Decision Makers, Influencers and Operational contacts to invite to give their feedback, and how to structure the data? Sounds easy? Actually, it’s not.
  • Our CX consultants will ensure that all the right client contacts are invited to give their feedback, and that your customer data is optimised to ensure clear and actionable results.
Week 12-14


  • Now it’s time to get your clients’ feedback! Give them the assurance that the fieldwork is carried out by a reputable independent third party.
  • Retain full visibility of completion rates as well as control over when reminders are sent.
Week 14>

Gain Insights

  • Our team of CX analysts will find the key strategic insights and advise your Leadership Team on immediate and long-term actions.
  • Use our ‘Deep-Dive‘ online analytical platform to transform the data into valuable insights at all levels of your organisation.

Close the Loop

  • Use our debriefing templates and tools to ensure results and key messages are communicated effectively within your organisation and to your customers.
  • Close the Loop with all clients – don’t worry, we’ll support your account teams to plan these feedback meetings with their clients.

Turn Insight into Action

  • Strategic – your customers have given their feedback and with ‘Deep-Dive‘ you now have the information and tools to transform your organisation to meet your customers’ actual needs.
  • Account Management – give your sales and service teams the Account Reports they need to build trusted, long-term relationships with their clients.

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