Making the data meaningful

When we created Deep-Dive, we thought we should give our clients more freedom in analysing their data rather than receiving some simple standard reports. But what we discovered was that this tool is critical in understanding what your clients are really trying to say.

Dashboard features

See your progress over the years

We stack up all the results since we’ve started working together and provide you with accurate comparison data. Each year you will have more and more data to play around with and track our progress over time. You will be able to see instantly your Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) scores and how you are positioned in the market against your competitors.

Test yourself for Uniqueness!

Check how far is your company from becoming unique by analysing the uniqueness graph. You can see where you were positioned in previous years and the progress you’ve made.

Access to account reports for each of your clients

You will be able to select what clients you’re interested in and at a click of a button, produce an account report which will give an overview of what’s happening within your client portfolio.

Strengths and weaknesses?

See the weaknesses and strengths of your company through our Comments analysis graphs. You can export these comments by different themes, so you will know exactly what customers left you feedback.

Slice and dice your results!

You might want to see the results in a certain way, for a certain department. Why don’t you try our Dynamic Crosstabs, the tool which will allow you to filter the information as you need using our advanced filtering options.