We are proud to contribute to the success and growth of our clientele. We thank our customers who, through the years, continue to believe in our vision, our passion and commitment to excellence.

Case Studies


“Insight into the complex world of customer satisfaction.”


“well established process that allows comparison across various time horizons. Keep up this high level of service! Congrats!”


“Honesty and unique offering.”


“In-depth analysis and understanding of customers that is presented. There is nothing I can think of that would better your service.”


“Professional and experienced. Very efficient and dedicated organisation.”


“Robustness of product and procedures. Keep up the good work.”


“A solid structured model. I have run the deep insight process many times never seen anyone in any company disagree with the outcomes of the process”


“Relationship commitment, trust, service performance, enthusiasm and drive. Good report and excellent service in handling report out and additional queries/presentation of results. Keep on the good work en thanks for the great teamwork!


“Expertise in understanding the drivers of relationship quality in the Corporate space. Strong relationships built with customers. Efficient delivery of survey. Be proud of your business – you’re great at what you do!”

“By using Deep-Insight we have begun the transformation of our own customer experience capabilities. Wonderful staff who always do the small things right, respond promptly, treat us a valued customer. They have invested in and built a strategic relationship with BT and its Leadership team. We value the work and relationship.”


“The methodology works for us, having a view on both the NPS and the CRQ score. The framework aligns well to our organisational values. I also like the Deep Dive system. Being able to interrogate and pivot data that meets our customers’ needs is invaluable.”


“The product is great; the people are certainly experienced, good to deal with, very cooperative and helpful. The analytics are their greatest strength as well as the reports provided.


“Proven professionally-run methodology/tool with global benchmarks. Client Focus, in terms of clarity of proposition, and commitment of your staff, responsiveness to client requests and concerns. Very customer centric.”


“Uniqueness and simplicity. Unrivalled survey response levels. A unique offering; difficult to match.”


“Unique service & ability to deliver their promise to the customer. I also find them very efficient & totally customer driven.”


“Intelligent survey which is smart and captures crucial components of client service. Available to adapt approach to suit needs of different areas/functions. Very actionable results provided from the survey.”


“An ability to present to a sales team and speak their language. Operationally very smooth. Presentation at the end always goes down well. A pleasure to work with.”