Capturing the VOICE OF THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS is a simple job with Deep-Insight

Learn about our cooperation with BT Ireland and how they put into practice our feedback


BT Ireland, is one of the world’s leading providers of communication services and solutions, offering a powerful combination of cloud services, global networking, IT integration and contract centre solutions.


Serving customers in 180 countries, BT wanted to listen to every single one of them and use their feedback to improve themselves.
They took the commitment of being innovative and working towards developing their products and services delivered to customers and Deep-Insight was there to help them achieve their objectives and measure the progress.


Deep-Insight put in place a customer experience assessment program, being conducted on a 6 months basis for providing an ongoing analysis and feedback.

By having regular assessments BT was able to compare their scores with the previous results and see what stays in their way of improvement.

The initial assessment uncovered several customer experience challenges that required significant focus and attention. Once those challenges were outrun, BT Ireland has consistently improved its Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) score in the following Deep-Insight assessments.

“The Deep-Insight programme has helped transform our internal approach to managing customer experience. Everyone now understands the importance of putting the customer at the heart of what we do and that has allowed us to build deeper and stronger relationships with our customers” Shay Walsh, MD, BT Business


Thanks to the feedback from its customers, BT has implemented a series of ideas to transform the company into a customer centric one.

To encourage greater participation and ownership of customer experience, BT introduced the Challenge Cup Competition, which allows teams to initiate customer experience projects which get evaluated and, where relevant, adopted across the business.

Every individual from the CEO down to the front-line sales teams carries a CRQ target as part of a ‘scorecard’ – the system that BT uses to measure individual performance against a set of objectives. Achieving the target CRQ and other Deep-Insight scores determines the level of remuneration that an individual receives.

With our help, BT Ireland created dashboard metrics and appropriate governance structures to allow business information to be accurately extracted and reported to the Senior Leadership Team on a quarterly basis. This allows BT to allocate resources appropriately, design relevant training programmes and set challenging but realistic timeless for delivery.

BT Ireland put into practice the information received through our Account Reports and created the Account Development Plans (ADPs) which are now being extended across all the customer base.

“The journey to becoming a truly customer centric organisation is not easy. BT has made remarkable progress towards this goal and is a role model for other companies” John O’Connor, CEO, Deep-Insight