DWF wins “Best CRQ Score 2023” Award

No ballots or voting in this category, just facts!

DWF, a long-standing customer of ours, has been awarded Best CRQ Score in Deep-Insight’s “Excellence in CX” Awards this year.

We will always be the first to say that great Customer Experience should NOT be about scores only. It’s about much more than that. However, this year we want to recognise DWF for their amazing Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) scores regardless as they have been consistently rewarded with glowing reviews from their clients as part of the CRQ programme.

With a CRQ score of 6.0 (as well as a Net Promoter Score of +62) we can call this a truly phenomenal set of scores. On top of this, DWF is notorious within Deep-Insight for struggling to get their clients to give any negative feedback at all – a true testament to how much their clients value their relationships with DWF!

I’ve personally been involved in DWF’s CRQ journey from the start and I always look forward to working together on the programme as they are such a pleasure to work with. The extreme care they show their clients carries on throughout their whole organisation.

This year, Fiona Lynch was also part of the Deep-Insight team that ran the CRQ programme for DWF. Fiona adds:

“DWF has a dynamic, engaging team and I really enjoyed working with the team this year. Their collaborative approach and the high standard of deliverables they provided during the CRQ programme make it easy to see why they receive such great CRQ scores. DWF is the well-deserved winner of our highest CRQ score award this year.”

Sir Nigel Knowles is CEO of DWF, having previously served as Chairman of the Group from September 2017 to May 2020. Sir Nigel Knowles shared:

“We are very proud of this award from Deep-Insight which reflects the exceptional client relationships we have been able to develop thanks to the hard work, dedication and excellence of our colleagues.

The valuable insights provided by Deep Insight are helping us to go even further, continuing to enhance the way we support our clients.”

Huge congratulations to everyone in DWF who work so hard on a daily basis to provide clients with an amazing experience. A special shout goes to Karen Lees and Marcin Sus for driving the CRQ programme internally and making the client census programme such a success!

Fabienne Falvay


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