Book Assessment

Week 0-2


  • Executive buy-in – The first and most critical step in ensuring the success of an ongoing CX feedback programme
  • Let our team of CX experts assist you in securing ongoing visible support from the leadership team in your organization.
Week 2-8


  • A well executed communication plan will reap the rewards of high participation rates
  • Use our communication strategy planning tools and templates and make this easy
Week 2-6


  • Who to include and how to structure the data – sound easy? – Nope
  • Our CX team will guarantee that your data is optimised to ensure clear and actionable results
Week 6-8


  • Give your customers the assurance that the fieldwork is carried out by an independent third party
  • Retain full visibility of participation rates and control over when reminders are sent
Week 8>


  • Our team of CX analysts will find the key strategic insights, and advise on immediate and long term planning
  • Continue to use our online analytical tool Deep-Dive to transform the data into valuable insights at all levels of your organisation


  • Use our debriefing templates and tools to ensure results and key messages are communicated effectively within your organisation and to your customers


  • Strategic – Your customers have given their feedback and with Deep-Dive you now have the information and tool to build a CX programme tailored to their needs.
  • Account Management – Give your account managers the reports they need to build trusting, long-term relationships with their accounts.

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