Insight wins “Best CRQ Engagement 2023” Award

Today we are delighted to announce the second winner in the 2023 Deep-Insight Excellence in CX Awards.

Today’s category is “Best CRQ Engagement“.

CRQ stands for Customer Relationship Quality but what exactly is Engagement, you might ask? Engagement is all about convincing your customers to give you feedback on your performance, and then working closely with them to improve the overall customer experience. The “Best CRQ Engagement” winner is the company that does the best job at eliciting the most feedback from its customers. Think of engagement as the completion rate you achieve when you send out a customer survey to all of your key accounts.

This year’s winner is Insight EMEA, the European arm of the Fortune 500 leading Solutions Integrator Insight Enterprises.

What exactly is a Solutions Integrator, I also hear you ask? Well, Solutions Integrators work as both a service provider and an advisor to ensure a project is successfully delivered from the initial concept all the way through to execution. That advisory work can also extend beyond implementation to ongoing support, management and optimisation. Also, Solutions Integrators are equipped to deliver meaningful change and a greater return on investment at a global scale.

What is a Good Engagement Score?

Some time ago our Operations Manager Alex Calugarici wrote a blog on the topic of engagement rates in a B2B environment

In that blog, Alex explains that when we run a Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) assessment at Deep-Insight, the average completion rate for our surveys is around 35%. If it is a first-time assessment, the average participation rate is lower – typically 30%. So that’s the figure we were expecting to achieve at Insight.

However, the senior leadership team at Insight had different plans. Jill MurrayVice President Marketing EMEA at Insight led the programme. Adrian Gregory, President of EMEA, sponsored it. Together, they felt that 30% was a pretty low hurdle to achieve so they mobilised their regional and country managers, plus all of their account managers, to start a conversation with key clients across Europe. The message was simple: We want to be better partners for you, so we need your help to tell us what we’re good at, and where we need to improve.

Insight contacted 203 key individuals – key decision makers, influencers and operational contacts – from a selection of their strategic clients across Europe. 100 of the 203 responded – a whopping 49% engagement rate

Jill Murray has this to say about receiving the award:

Our unwavering commitment to our clients drives us to constantly improve our solutions and expertise in order to provide exceptional service. It is with great pride that we accept this award from Deep-Insight, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams in building strong client relationships and driving meaningful business outcomes.

As a leading Solutions Integrator, we are thrilled to continue supporting our clients on their digital journeys and enhancing the experience we deliver.

About Insight

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Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds. Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to establish and operate world-class Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes.

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