Employee relationship assessments

The solution to give your employees a voice


Irish Life is the market leader in the provision of pension, investment and life products, and has been helping people manage their finances since 1939. Irish Life’s Corporate Business division provides group retirement, annuities and risk products to employer and affinity groups.


In a turbulent and changing market, Irish Life needed a partner that could combine the benefits of a ‘traditional’ survey with the ability to provide consistent ‘180-degree feedback’ to help managers and team leaders understand and create a Unique workplace for the employees.

According to Donal O’Carroll, director of Irish Life Corporate Business: “We needed a partner that could make the feedback ‘real’ for us. That’s exactly what we got with Deep-Insight. A great organisational assessment tool, and a great team.”


Deep-Insight put in place an Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ) assessment programme, to capture employees’ feedback and identify eventual weaknesses about the workplace.

“One of the softer issues that the assessment identified was communication with our staff. We felt we had been doing a good job in this area, but the staff were telling us otherwise. says Donal O’Carroll.

The final Deep-Insight result reports were customized for each division, so they could address the issues on a local level, as well as the overall level, providing management with robust and actionable feedback on the issues facing the staff – issues that need to be addressed in order to deliver the best possible service to customers.


“The results of the 180-degree feedback now form a core part of the company’s Personal Development Plan programme for staff.” Donal O’Carroll

Irish Life set up an “Ask David” programme where employees could ask any question to the Chief Executive, David Harney. “That proved very popular. The survey is broken down to local function level, to provide feedback on issues to be addressed at local functional level, as well as the overall challenges to the Business Division says Donal O’Carroll

“What really made the difference was Deep-Insight’s ability to make the staff assessment a practical tool for changing the way we engage with our people. They challenged us to be different. They challenged us to aim to be a Unique workplace” says David Harney, Chief Executive of Corporate Business