Pelican wins “Best Focus on ERQ 2023” Award

It’s time to announce the final winner in Deep-Insight’s “Excellence in CX” Awards this year.

Doing the right thing for customers means doing the right thing for your employees.

We award the “Best Focus on ERQ” prize to the company that shows the greatest interest in Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ), the sister methodology to CRQ.

Pelican Self Storage has been a client of ours almost as long as I have been with Deep-Insight, and it has been a privilege watching the Pelican management team take the views of its employees so seriously over that time.

Over the years, I’ve seen effective leadership and organisational success in Pelican. This is all due to the crucial aspect of managing relationships with employees who are able to provide valuable feedback through a safe platform. That has allowed the leadership team to evolve and grow the company while always thinking about their people.

Burkhart Franz is CEO of Pelican and has always been a huge advocate for his management team and all of his employees across Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

“Our twice-a-year employee satisfaction surveys, alternating the eNPS (employee Net Promoter Score) question and the more in-depth Employee Relationship Quality (ERQ) assessment are now in their 7th year.

They have clearly made Pelican a more employee-focused organization. Over the years we have addressed many issues that had previously wiped the smiles off the faces of our collaborators, from slow internet connections and faulty printer set-ups to significant changes in management style, workplace scheduling and internal communication. As a result, we have very low employee churn in what are otherwise red hot labor markets; a premium service proposition; and the happiest customers in our industry.”

Huge congratulations to everyone in Pelican for winning this award. 

Alexandra Calugarici



About Pelican Self Storage

Pelican Self Storage is leading Nordic brand within private and business self storage. We have locations in Denmark, Sweden and Finland which are all centrally located and easily accessible.

Self storage is for everyone
We strive to be the preferred service partner for people moving to and from the big city – for people moving abroad to work – for people moving in together or back home – for people getting married or having children – for people who don’t have a cellar or attic space at home. In short, we are there when life demands more space.

We take pride in good old-fashioned service
Our job is to provide outstanding service so our customers experience the extraordinary when choosing Pelican Self Storage. Every day, we work hard to provide a service level beyond the ordinary, and our staff is dedicated to make customers experience that something extra at our stores.

We distinguish ourselves, among other things, by always having service-oriented staff on site 6 days a week, as well as providing warm and extra secure storage units. Our goal is to ensure that as a customer, you will experience good old-fashioned personal service and a high level of quality in our storage services. Find out more at

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds. Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to establish and operate world-class Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes.

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