Six Degrees has won Best Leadership Response To CRQ

Congratulations to Six Degrees who have won Best Leadership Response to CRQ!

Six Degrees has been awarded Best Leadership Response to CRQ(Customer Relationship Quality) in the Deep-Insight 2022 Excellence in CX awards and we are thrilled for them. This is a truly deserved award, everything in Customer Experience starts with leadership commitment and drive and Six Degrees have this in spades.


Through working closely with Six Degrees we got to know a leadership team who are fearless in their ownership of every piece of customer feedback. They listen openly and without agenda and immediately review if their current strategies align with what their customers are telling them.

Six Degrees has won best leadership response to CRQ

Most importantly Six Degrees’ leadership team supports their people and their teams. We have seen firsthand their dedication to their teams including, attendance & support at client feedback sessions and full transparency on strategic initiatives that will help their people to better support their customers. It is no surprise that Six Degrees have also been named in Newsweek’s list of the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2022.

Here is a truly open and human experience focused leadership team. All efforts go into ensuring exceptional customer and employee experience. They are not afraid to commit to change when needed and to communicate this to both customers and employees. They support their people every step of the way to inspire a culture of true customer centricity” Rose Murphy COO, Deep-Insight

“On behalf of the Six Degrees Leadership Team, we’re thrilled to be recognised for this award.  This year’s survey is the first of three annual CRQ surveys Six Degrees are conducting as we work with our clients to continuously improve the relationship quality and client experience.  We recognise that the whole organisation needs to own Six Degrees’ response if we’re going to be successful in delivering on the promises we have made to our clients. So, we are actively planning to bring our teams, as well as our clients, on the Close the Loop journey in the New Year and throughout the programme.”

Kirsty Chapman, Director of Customer Success, Six Degrees Group

Six degrees has impressed us with its dedication to focus on the customer, to truly listen to what they are saying and to ensuring that voice is heard and acted on throughout the organisation.

Congratulations to everyone in SixDegrees, especially Chris Abbott, Kirsty Chapman and Tony Wells

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