BT Ireland has won Trailblazer in CRQ

Congratulations to BT Ireland who have won Trailblazer in CRQ!

BT Ireland has been awarded Trailblazer in CRQ (Customer Relationship Quality) in the Deep-Insight 2022 Excellence in CX awards. This award is thoroughly deserved as it is based on BT Ireland’s courage to lead the way in customer experience.

BT Ireland has been on a long and successful CRQ journey, each year carefully listening and responding to their customers. Their customers truly value their relationship with BT Ireland, and they have seen tangible benefits from the BT Ireland CRQ programme.

BT Ireland do not want to stand still in this area – they are hungry to be market leaders in CX and are taking significant steps and risks to ensure their customers at the heart of everything they do.

BT Ireland used our CRQ healthcheck to inspire a change programme to disrupt how they measure and manage their Customer Experience to re-focus the entire business on the basics – the value of growing customer relationships. Their pioneering efforts are paying off leading to them winning suite of CX honours, most recently on the European stage.

We admire BT Ireland for their courage to change and for their belief in their customers to drive strategic change in their business. This is what makes them true trailblazers in CRQ and they set a strong standard for others to follow.

Trailblazers are leaders, they create paths that others do not yet see. They are willing to take risks because they are driven by a vision of a better way forward. This is at the heart of what makes BT Ireland pioneers – they have had the belief and courage to re-imagine their culture of CX motivated by a relentless prioritisation of their customer relationships. Our hearty congratulations to everyone at BT Ireland – Shane O’Regan, CX Consultant, Deep-Insight


“I’m immensely proud to lead a customer-focussed organisation, and I’m very thankful to everyone in BT Ireland for their commitment to winning, developing and retaining customer accounts. Our customer experience culture is a differentiator for us as a business, as our customers have told us in our annual Deep Insight report, and it continues to set us apart.”


Shay Walsh, Managing Director, BT Ireland

Congratulations to everyone in BT Ireland, especially to especially to Alan Shanley, Barry O’Shea, Deirdre Tyrell, Mary McDonagh, Conor Devlin, & Aisling McLaughlin.

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