invenioLSI keeps the focus on Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ)

invenioLSI in partnership with Deep-Insight have built a world class customer experience program with the goal to grow their customer relationships by listening, understanding, and acting on their feedback. Deep-Insight specialize in B2B Customer Experience (CX) and have worked with invenioLSI for the past three years, using their Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™) methodology to allow invenioLSI to get a holistic understanding of both the current health and the future trajectory of their customer partnerships.

invenioLSI has been accelerating its growth at a phenomenal pace. With one of their core values being ‘Customer Focus’ the company hopes to continue this growth and strengthen customer relationships to further fulfill this focus and deliver greater value for end users. By deploying customer feedback surveys across all global regions invenioLSI not only got holistic view of their customers perceptions but also were able to drill down by specific customers to create customized communication and action plans to address their customer’s unique needs. 

We are delighted that customers continue to highlight that Customer Focus and Strength of Staff is an area that invenioLSI excels in. For each customer invenioLSI has also listened to areas for improvement and are making it their mission to deliver even better support and services in the coming months and for 2023. 

Supporting efforts to improve customer relationship quality is something I believe is an essential part of running a company. From listening to customer’s feedback, you discover your strengths as an organization and areas for improvement. Just as important as listening is also acting. Therefore, invenioLSI is dedicated to coming up with a unique action plan for each customer to address specific survey results.  – Nader Tirandazi, CEO invenioLSI

Deep-Insight have partnered with invenioLSI for over 3 years and in this time invenioLSI have shown real dedication to listening to their customers, building a culture of customer throughout the organisation, and evolving to meet changing customer needs. invenioLSI are not chasing a number when they ask their customers for feedback. They have continuously evolved their CX approach to widen who is included, both at a customer and individual level and they use this feedback to take action and drive business strategy. – Rose Murphy, COO Deep-Insight

About InvenioLSI

invenioLSI is the largest independent SAP solutions provider serving the Public Sector as well as offering specialist skills in the media and entertainment sector. We bring deep expertise combined with the advanced technologies to enable organizations to modernize so they can run at the speed of today’s business.

We know how to navigate the extraordinary complexities of international businesses and public sector organizations, working with stakeholders to drive change and create agile organizations of tomorrow using the technologies of today.

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds.

Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to help you operate world-class CX and EX programmes and transform your organisation.

BT Ireland wins European accolade for Best Measurement in Customer Experience

We are absolutely thrilled to see BT Ireland recognised on the European stage as winners in the Best Measurement in Customer Experience category.

BT Ireland was also listed in the top finalists for Customer Centric Culture and Customer Experience Team where it was also highly commended. 

It’s great to see BT Ireland, as long-term users of our Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) methodology, get recognition from the CX community affirming their dedication to making their customers the focus of everything they do.

CX Culture is not Accidental

“Real CX is just what we do here” – BT Ireland

BT Ireland’s culture of Customer-Centricity did not happen accidentally. BT Ireland has worked hard to ensure that their customers are given priority across all areas of the business. 

CX begins with creating avenues for honest and direct feedback from customers.

Measuring both Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) and Net Promotor Score (NPS), has given BT Ireland a holistic view of the current health of their customer portfolio. It also reveals areas for growth, affirms areas they are strong in and indicates areas for future partnerships and opportunities.

BT’s dedication to CX is recognised by their customers through extremely strong scores and direct verbatim comments. CX sets BT Ireland apart in the market.

Measurement is for Action

customer and the executive team

BT Ireland’s CX journey has shown that the value of CX is in turning customer feedback into action. (Listen to the journey BT took towards brilliant CX here.)

CX action is not simply reactionary; it is carefully considered. BT Ireland has become excellent at implementing our holistic CX Framework

This belief in action begins with leadership, informs their strategy, drives execution and leads to a real belief in CX within their culture.

BT Ireland is a true customer experience leader in its market, and we are proud to have been with them on this journey as their CX partner. 

Congratulations to everyone at BT Ireland – we are thrilled for your deserved recognition on the European stage.

New Client Announcement – Servelec

Shane 150 x 150Hi, it’s Shane again announcing our new client Servelec, a leading specialist in Digital Care.

It’s been a weird month, hasn’t it? The first quarter was incredibly busy, including a number of business trips trips to the UK. It may be a while before business travel becomes a thing again but the funny thing is that we’re just as busy now. But in different ways. In January, I talked about our new Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) programme with Invenio Business Solutions. We launched their CRQ survey to all of their global clients this morning.

My most recent client is Servelec. I was in Sheffield in March to kick off a new CRQ programme with Laura Thompson and Matt Newby. Although we are now operating remotely by telephone and video conference, I’m delighted to be working with Laura, Matt and the wider Servelec team. It is clear to me that they have an acute focus on tangibly improving lives with technology that matters, whether that be in health, social care, education or youth services.

Many of Servelec’s clients are in the health and social care industries, working tirelessly to deliver care and support to communities and patients despite COVID-19. As a result, they’ve taken the decision to survey their customers later in the year than was originally planned to get the best possible response from the programme. Understanding and engaging with their customers is critically important to Servelec and we’ll soon be helping them understand more about their relationships with their clients. Below is a little snapshot of Servelec and what they do for care providers across the UK.

Shane O’Regan
Project Coordinator, Deep-Insight


Working Together, Working Smarter

Servelec is a UK software company and leading specialist in Digital Care. They believe in joining up health, social care, education and youth services and putting the person at the very centre of care. Servelec believes that, with the right tools and support, services can be delivered more efficiently and effectively to enable smarter ways of working.

Four Sectors

Servelec operates in four sectors:

  • Healthcare. Supporting the vision of every patient having one, fully integrated, electronic health record (EHR) to enable the very best and most efficient healthcare, operating across mental health, child health and community care settings
  • Social Care. Customer-led social care case management to manage adults’, children’s and finance cases on one platform, allowing professionals to work on the move and seamlessly integrating health and social care data
  • Education. Helping local authorities, schools and other providers to support families more effectively by spanning the full education and child services spectrum, giving one single view of each child or young person
  • Youth Services. Meeting the specific needs of Children’s Services Departments and Organisations by creating purpose-built systems that provide the right information at the right time to deliver Integrated Youth Support


Find out more on Servelec’s website about solutions designed to help healthcare and local government work more efficiently as they respond to COVID-19.

If you’re interested in understanding a little more about Servelec’s Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) programme, just contact us here.

Invenio Announces Partnership with Deep-Insight

Hi, it’s Shane here.

I’m delighted to be working with Arun Bala, Nitin Lalan and the Invenio Business Solutions team on this great programme.

I’ll let you know later in the year what we are achieving together at Invenio. For now, here’s the official announcement of our partnership with Invenio!

Shane O’Regan
Project Coordinator, Deep-Insight

Invenio announces partnership with Deep-Insight

Cork, 24 January 2020
Deep-Insight is delighted to announce its partnership with Invenio Business Solutions. Invenio is a global leader in solving business challenges with IT solutions. This tailored programme will enable Invenio to better understand customer needs, address concerns, and implement measures to enhance relationships and the customer experience itself.

Invenio has doubled in size since 2017 and anticipates more growth in the coming years. Invenio’s leadership team recognises the business’s rapid growth, including the need to maintain core values while evolving the organisation’s culture as it matures.

Invenio’s new Customer Experience Programme will be insight-orientated and action-orientated. ‘Customer Focus’ will be at the forefront. The programme will facilitate interventions as soon as customer issues arise, and ultimately becoming key to the annual account planning process. This investment is integral to all future activities at Invenio and is a tangible commitment to integrate the customer voice across global business units.

Deep-Insight’s approach is multifaceted. It is based on the view that to achieve a truly customer-centric organisation requires a roadmap of careful planning and execution. The annual in-depth assessments will identify gaps and help build lasting customer relationships with personalised plans across each account.

At Invenio, listening to customers and strengthening relationships is imperative to delivering exceptional experiences. Ultimately, this will help Invenio achieve its core purpose of being the most trusted and valued partner in its customers’ success.


Arun Bala, CEO at Invenio commented: “My focus has been and will continue to be on delivering success for Invenio’s customers while driving transparency and value delivery through all customer engagements. Partnering with Deep-Insight to enhance our customers’ experiences is a fantastic investment for us. I look forward to driving this initiative with the team there.”

John O’Connor, CEO at Deep-Insight: “We’re delighted to come on board and support Invenio on its Customer Experience journey. We’re looking forward to employing the skills, tools and Customer Relationship Quality methodology to help Invenio employees operate a world-class Customer Experience Programme.”