DWF wins “Best CRQ Score 2023” Award

DWF wins “Best CRQ Score 2023” Award

No ballots or voting in this category, just facts!

DWF, a long-standing customer of ours, has been awarded Best CRQ Score in Deep-Insight’s “Excellence in CX” Awards this year.

We will always be the first to say that great Customer Experience should NOT be about scores only. It’s about much more than that. However, this year we want to recognise DWF for their amazing Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) scores regardless as they have been consistently rewarded with glowing reviews from their clients as part of the CRQ programme.

With a CRQ score of 6.0 (as well as a Net Promoter Score of +62) we can call this a truly phenomenal set of scores. On top of this, DWF is notorious within Deep-Insight for struggling to get their clients to give any negative feedback at all – a true testament to how much their clients value their relationships with DWF!

I’ve personally been involved in DWF’s CRQ journey from the start and I always look forward to working together on the programme as they are such a pleasure to work with. The extreme care they show their clients carries on throughout their whole organisation.

This year, Fiona Lynch was also part of the Deep-Insight team that ran the CRQ programme for DWF. Fiona adds:

“DWF has a dynamic, engaging team and I really enjoyed working with the team this year. Their collaborative approach and the high standard of deliverables they provided during the CRQ programme make it easy to see why they receive such great CRQ scores. DWF is the well-deserved winner of our highest CRQ score award this year.”

Sir Nigel Knowles is CEO of DWF, having previously served as Chairman of the Group from September 2017 to May 2020. Sir Nigel Knowles shared:

“We are very proud of this award from Deep-Insight which reflects the exceptional client relationships we have been able to develop thanks to the hard work, dedication and excellence of our colleagues.

The valuable insights provided by Deep Insight are helping us to go even further, continuing to enhance the way we support our clients.”

Huge congratulations to everyone in DWF who work so hard on a daily basis to provide clients with an amazing experience. A special shout goes to Karen Lees and Marcin Sus for driving the CRQ programme internally and making the client census programme such a success!

Fabienne Falvay


About DWF

DWF is a leading global provider of integrated legal and business services. They deliver Legal Services, Legal Operations and Business Services to their clients.

Find out more about DWF at dwfgroup.com.

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds. Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to establish and operate world-class Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes.

For more information, go to deep-insight.com or email us at sales@deep-insight.com.

Insight wins “Best CRQ Engagement 2023” Award

Insight wins “Best CRQ Engagement 2023” Award

Today we are delighted to announce the second winner in the 2023 Deep-Insight Excellence in CX Awards.

Today’s category is “Best CRQ Engagement“.

CRQ stands for Customer Relationship Quality but what exactly is Engagement, you might ask? Engagement is all about convincing your customers to give you feedback on your performance, and then working closely with them to improve the overall customer experience. The “Best CRQ Engagement” winner is the company that does the best job at eliciting the most feedback from its customers. Think of engagement as the completion rate you achieve when you send out a customer survey to all of your key accounts.

This year’s winner is Insight EMEA, the European arm of the Fortune 500 leading Solutions Integrator Insight Enterprises.

What exactly is a Solutions Integrator, I also hear you ask? Well, Solutions Integrators work as both a service provider and an advisor to ensure a project is successfully delivered from the initial concept all the way through to execution. That advisory work can also extend beyond implementation to ongoing support, management and optimisation. Also, Solutions Integrators are equipped to deliver meaningful change and a greater return on investment at a global scale.

What is a Good Engagement Score?

Some time ago our Operations Manager Alex Calugarici wrote a blog on the topic of engagement rates in a B2B environment

In that blog, Alex explains that when we run a Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) assessment at Deep-Insight, the average completion rate for our surveys is around 35%. If it is a first-time assessment, the average participation rate is lower – typically 30%. So that’s the figure we were expecting to achieve at Insight.

However, the senior leadership team at Insight had different plans. Jill MurrayVice President Marketing EMEA at Insight led the programme. Adrian Gregory, President of EMEA, sponsored it. Together, they felt that 30% was a pretty low hurdle to achieve so they mobilised their regional and country managers, plus all of their account managers, to start a conversation with key clients across Europe. The message was simple: We want to be better partners for you, so we need your help to tell us what we’re good at, and where we need to improve.

Insight contacted 203 key individuals – key decision makers, influencers and operational contacts – from a selection of their strategic clients across Europe. 100 of the 203 responded – a whopping 49% engagement rate

Jill Murray has this to say about receiving the award:

Our unwavering commitment to our clients drives us to constantly improve our solutions and expertise in order to provide exceptional service. It is with great pride that we accept this award from Deep-Insight, a testament to the hard work and dedication of our teams in building strong client relationships and driving meaningful business outcomes.

As a leading Solutions Integrator, we are thrilled to continue supporting our clients on their digital journeys and enhancing the experience we deliver.

About Insight

Insight Enterprises, Inc. is a Fortune 500 Solutions Integrator with more than 13,000 teammates worldwide helping organisations accelerate their digital journey to modernise their business and maximise the value of technology. We enable secure, end-to-end transformation and meet the needs of our clients through a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, far-reaching partnerships and 35 years of broad IT expertise.

Rated as a Forbes World’s Top Female-Friendly Company and a Great Place to Work, we amplify our solutions and services with global scale, local expertise and a world-class e-commerce experience, realising the digital ambitions of our clients at every opportunity. Discover more at uk.insight.com.

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds. Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to establish and operate world-class Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes.

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open eir wins “Best CRQ Newcomer 2023” Award

open eir wins “Best CRQ Newcomer 2023” Award

The ballots are counted and the results have been confirmed!

open eir has been awarded Best CRQ Newcomer in the Deep-Insight Excellence in CX Awards for 2023. We are thrilled for them.

If you live in Ireland, you’ll know open eir. It’s the wholesale arm of Ireland’s largest telecommunications company. At some point you will have seen their vans on the streets, and their technicians out and about, installing fibre lines and connections into business premises and homes across Ireland. 

This is a truly deserved award as it’s hard to believe that open eir’s very first Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) assessment was launched to its customers as recently as October 2023.

open eir wins Best CRQ Newcomer 2023 award

The Deep-Insight team was led by Alexandra Calugarici and Kate Casey. Here’s Alex’s perspective:

“We started working with Orlagh Nevin and the senior leadership team at open eir in mid-2023, and were immediately impressed by the way everybody showed engagement with the process and were keen to make the project a success. 

Kate’s perspective is similar:

“open eir embraced the Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) process from the very beginning. They approached it with an open mind and showed a real bias to action when the results came back. They started making decisions quickly from the feedback and insights they received about their products, services and people.”

Maeve O’Malley recently took on the role as Managing Director at open eir Wholesale and in recent weeks has been leading the charge with open eir’s response to its clients and partners.

Maeve has over 24 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and joined eir in 2013. According to Maeve:

open eir is delighted to be working with Deep-Insight and are already finding huge value in the insights and input from the team as we continue our journey of transforming our customers’ and partners’ experience with us.”

For me, the key word in Maeve’s comment is ‘journey’ as it acknowledges that transformation doesn’t happen overnight. open eir has some fantastic strengths in terms of its products and its people, and under Maeve’s leadership has already started on that journey.

Congratulations again to everyone at open eir and a special shout out to Orlagh Nevin and John Gregg who were our team’s day-to-day contacts over the past few months at the start of this CRQ journey. We’re looking forward to working with them over the next few years as they and the open eir transform the company into a truly customer-centric organisation.

About open eir

open eir is a division of eir and is the largest wholesale operator in Ireland, providing products and services across a range of regulated and unregulated markets.

For more information, go to eir.ie.

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds. Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to establish and operate world-class Customer Experience (CX) and Employee Experience (EX) programmes.

For more information, go to www.deep-insight.com or email us at sales@deep-insight.com.

My new role as CX Product Manager: anyone up for a coffee and a chat?

My new role as CX Product Manager: anyone up for a coffee and a chat?

You may have had a peak at Rose’s blog from a few weeks ago regarding the results of our latest CRQ™ assessment. We received a ton of positive feedback from our customers, and it is clear they love what we do for them, so much so that they want more! 

So why am I re-iterating what Rose already shared in her previous blog? Well as part of Deep-Insight’s response to the 2023 CRQ feedback, a new role within the team has been announced: Product Manager

I am super excited and proud to share with all of you that I will be taking on the role of Product Manager at Deep-Insight!  

Who am I?

Some of you may know me from the projects we have worked on together over the past few years, but for those of you who do not know me yet, here’s a little bit about me: 

My name is Fabienne, I am originally from the Netherlands but have been living in beautiful Ireland for over 7 years now. I have been part of the Deep-Insight team for nearly 5 years and … I am a BIG fan of a good cup of coffee, so when it comes to my new role within Deep-Insight, this is exactly where I intend to start…. Coffee! 

I’m not being silly here, I actually do believe that it is key that I start my new role talking to you, our past, current and future customers. I want to understand more about how you see Deep-Insight and where you envision us to be in the next few years. How can we assist you further on your CX journey as well as in reaching your business goals? 

I am thrilled to be starting my new role in the next year and cannot wait to see what the future holds for Deep-Insight!  

I’ll be spending the first few months in my new role chatting about all this in more detail with many of you and can’t wait to get stuck in 🙂 

Please free to reach out to me directly if you have some thoughts/ideas you’d like to share! 



Fabienne Falvay

We have a fantastic NPS score, again! – but its not the full story

We have a fantastic NPS score, again! – but its not the full story

Great News

We are genuinely delighted to announce that our NPS (Net Promoter Score) and CRQTM (Customer Relationship Quality) scores are fantastic, again! Stifle that yawn – I promise it gets more interesting. 

We are very proud of this picture. Most of our customers are promoters – they love our products and services and are willing to tell the world about it. Time to celebrate and shout this from the rafters – right?

Call it intuition or call it 20+ years’ experience in understanding client feedback but far more digging into the feedback would be needed before we were ready to celebrate.

The result of this digging is the creation of a new role – Product Manager – and their first objective will be to validate if we have the correct product strategy

So, how is this logical given the amazing feedback that I have just shared, especially around product? The answer to that is a lesson on why you should never just rely on NPS to tell you how your customers are feeling or what their future intentions might be.

Lets start digging.....

This is where CRQ really helps us to get under the bonnet of even the rosiest feedback, forcing us to listen to the murmurs of bubbling discontent.

The first red flag is when we asked all respondents what our greatest weakness is, not only did we have a new winner – we had a new topic entirely and it was mentioned by 15% of respondents.

Is this really a problem?

Immediately the internal arguments came that this was a blip and not that important. Arguments we used to try and convince ourselves were:

  • 15% is still not that many!
  • Price (often a key indicator of competitiveness) is not raised by even one respondent.
  • We are in the CX business for over 20 years (long before CX was even a thing) – you will find it difficult to find a competitor in the B2B space with more global, cross industry, experience than us.
  • Just look at that promoter graph again, our customers love us!

The only way to answer these arguments is to establish if there are further data insights that support this feedback? (Keep Digging)

We started by segmenting the feedback into the respondents who know us best – the CX Teams we work with every day and Key Decision Makers who repeatedly choose us as their CX Partner.

Turns out that even a higher percentage of the individuals who know us best believe this to be a weakness for us.

Further investigation of CRQ™ scores only compounded that we need to listen. Focusing again on those individuals who know us best, scores that link closely to this type verbatim have slipped from Top Decile Scores to Second Quartile Score .

The important Insight from all this data

🙂 Great overall scores are not wrong – Our customer love what we do and how we do it.

But here is what we cannot ignore

🙁 Our customers want more CX services than we currently offer, and they perceive that there are other suppliers in the CX space now who can give them what they want.

😐 Some of our customers also believe that other CX suppliers are better at promoting themselves in the market and raising brand awareness.

The exciting part of all of this

🙂 Our customers do not want to use those other suppliers; they trust us and believe in our integrity as their CX Partner. They want us to provide these additional services, and they want us to tell the world how great we are.

The Action - A new position in Deep-Insight: PRODUCT MANAGER

FIRST OBJECTIVE: Validate if our current product strategy is correct, needs to be tweaked or needs a massive overhaul. 

FIRST STEP: Ask many customers, previous customers, industry contacts and friends for your input and I will be extremely grateful to anyone who can give us the time to help

PURPOSE: Change, even if that is in a way that neither us nor our customers can predict just yet 

P.S. I am not ignoring the brand promotion and awareness feedback, our CEO John O’Connor is going to take personal ownership of addressing this. Watch this space, his thoughts will follow shortly.