Everyday CX Day!

Everyday CX Day!

Did you know that today is CX day?

Every year, on the first Tuesday in October, the CX community celebrates CX day, and this year that means it falls on the 4th of October. It’s a special year as well, being the 10th time that we will celebrate this day.

CX day is an initiative for us to celebrate those who dedicate their professional lives to listening intently to the voice of the customer and ensuring they put the customer first. It’s a day for us to put CX experts in the spotlight, and a company’s overall commitment to delivering an excellent B2B customer experience to all.

However, as great an initiative as CX day is, I cannot help but smile and hear my mom’s voice in the back of my mind when I hear people talking about ‘CX day’. When I was little, year after year, I tried my best to get her something special for Mother’s Day.

Did you know that today is CX day?

Starting with the classic breakfast in bed, for me to then level-up to more advanced handmade wooden spoon puppets, which I carefully crafted under the supervision of my primary school teacher. Ending in the ever-so-solid choice of a handwritten card and bouquet of flowers that I still stick to year after year. Yet, no matter what I get her, and how happy it makes her, she always manages to remind me that every day should be Mother’s Day. It’s not about gifts or a once-off occasion to make her feel special and appreciated, we should think about how we treat mothers every day of the year.

Of course, this yearly speech all comes with a massive wink and smile on her face, yet I cannot help the fact that my mind draws a comparison here when seeing ‘CX Day’ events popping up all over the internet.

I feel about CX day the way my mom feels about Mother’s Day: every day is CX day! Listening to the Voice of the Customer, providing an excellent B2B customer experience, and sharing best practices amongst our community on how to measure customer satisfaction should be front of mind all day, every day!

Whilst I truly appreciate the initiative and I think it is great that we have a day dedicated to CX, I think the CX community and practice of being a customer-centric organisation has changed so much over the past 10 years, it is now time to ensure that CX practices are embedded in our day-to-day operations across all aspects of the organisation. Ensuring we put the customer at the heart of everything we do, whether it be new product releases, updates, or training that you provide for staff. It all needs to circle back to how it adds value to your end customers, day in, day out.

So let’s take this 10th CX day and celebrate how far we have come as a community, share our best practices and results, but let’s move on from here and make every day CX day!

invenioLSI keeps the focus on Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ)

invenioLSI in partnership with Deep-Insight have built a world class customer experience program with the goal to grow their customer relationships by listening, understanding, and acting on their feedback. Deep-Insight specialize in B2B Customer Experience (CX) and have worked with invenioLSI for the past three years, using their Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ™) methodology to allow invenioLSI to get a holistic understanding of both the current health and the future trajectory of their customer partnerships.

invenioLSI has been accelerating its growth at a phenomenal pace. With one of their core values being ‘Customer Focus’ the company hopes to continue this growth and strengthen customer relationships to further fulfill this focus and deliver greater value for end users. By deploying customer feedback surveys across all global regions invenioLSI not only got holistic view of their customers perceptions but also were able to drill down by specific customers to create customized communication and action plans to address their customer’s unique needs. 

We are delighted that customers continue to highlight that Customer Focus and Strength of Staff is an area that invenioLSI excels in. For each customer invenioLSI has also listened to areas for improvement and are making it their mission to deliver even better support and services in the coming months and for 2023. 

Supporting efforts to improve customer relationship quality is something I believe is an essential part of running a company. From listening to customer’s feedback, you discover your strengths as an organization and areas for improvement. Just as important as listening is also acting. Therefore, invenioLSI is dedicated to coming up with a unique action plan for each customer to address specific survey results.  – Nader Tirandazi, CEO invenioLSI

Deep-Insight have partnered with invenioLSI for over 3 years and in this time invenioLSI have shown real dedication to listening to their customers, building a culture of customer throughout the organisation, and evolving to meet changing customer needs. invenioLSI are not chasing a number when they ask their customers for feedback. They have continuously evolved their CX approach to widen who is included, both at a customer and individual level and they use this feedback to take action and drive business strategy. – Rose Murphy, COO Deep-Insight

About InvenioLSI

invenioLSI is the largest independent SAP solutions provider serving the Public Sector as well as offering specialist skills in the media and entertainment sector. We bring deep expertise combined with the advanced technologies to enable organizations to modernize so they can run at the speed of today’s business.

We know how to navigate the extraordinary complexities of international businesses and public sector organizations, working with stakeholders to drive change and create agile organizations of tomorrow using the technologies of today.

About Deep-Insight

Deep-Insight is a leading European B2B Customer Experience (CX) company founded in 2000 by a small team of ‘magicians’ with one goal: researching a way to read customers’ minds.

Today, Deep-Insight supports customers all over the world with the skills, tools and methodologies to help you operate world-class CX and EX programmes and transform your organisation.

BT Ireland wins European accolade for Best Measurement in Customer Experience

We are absolutely thrilled to see BT Ireland recognised on the European stage as winners in the Best Measurement in Customer Experience category.

BT Ireland was also listed in the top finalists for Customer Centric Culture and Customer Experience Team where it was also highly commended. 

It’s great to see BT Ireland, as long-term users of our Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) methodology, get recognition from the CX community affirming their dedication to making their customers the focus of everything they do.

CX Culture is not Accidental

“Real CX is just what we do here” – BT Ireland

BT Ireland’s culture of Customer-Centricity did not happen accidentally. BT Ireland has worked hard to ensure that their customers are given priority across all areas of the business. 

CX begins with creating avenues for honest and direct feedback from customers.

Measuring both Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) and Net Promotor Score (NPS), has given BT Ireland a holistic view of the current health of their customer portfolio. It also reveals areas for growth, affirms areas they are strong in and indicates areas for future partnerships and opportunities.

BT’s dedication to CX is recognised by their customers through extremely strong scores and direct verbatim comments. CX sets BT Ireland apart in the market.

Measurement is for Action

customer and the executive team

BT Ireland’s CX journey has shown that the value of CX is in turning customer feedback into action. (Listen to the journey BT took towards brilliant CX here.)

CX action is not simply reactionary; it is carefully considered. BT Ireland has become excellent at implementing our holistic CX Framework

This belief in action begins with leadership, informs their strategy, drives execution and leads to a real belief in CX within their culture.

BT Ireland is a true customer experience leader in its market, and we are proud to have been with them on this journey as their CX partner. 

Congratulations to everyone at BT Ireland – we are thrilled for your deserved recognition on the European stage.