“Excellence in CX” Awards 2022 – That’s a Wrap!

“Excellence in CX” Awards 2022 – That’s a Wrap!

Congratulations to all the Winners

We cannot wait to send this year’s Deep-Insight “Excellence in CX” Awards to their forever home.

These awards focus on customers who have embraced our Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) framework and methodology to make meaningful change for their customers. 

That makes us very proud!

Before we talk about the winners, we’d like to take a moment to talk about the award itself.

So, first of all, who are we?

Deep-Insight is a small team of Customer Experience (CX) consultants who work extremely closely with our customers. The single question which drives us in each engagement is, ‘will this CX programme inspire transformation in our client organisations?’.

Transformation does not need to be, and usually isn’t, a huge significant event in itself. When done well, transformation is a series of small, well thought through changes and improvements.

Transformation is only worth it if it leads to growth, and it always does when it is inspired by the customer.

What do we mean by ‘Excellence in CX’?

Simply put – we are not interested in vanity projects! We do not care who got the highest scores or the best feedback.

We are completely focused on our core mission of Inspiring Transformation i.e. effective, growth-oriented use of CX.

This is what excellence in customer experience looks like and it is the foundation on which our customers grow their CX programmes.

Why award customers now?

This year we realised that we talk about our customers behind their back All The Time!! We are always telling each other about the great thing Customer A did to engage their organisation, or the great thing Customer B did when communicating back to customers.

That’s when we had our eureka moment – we can recognise the great work our customers do publicly, without it feeling counter to our core CX belief of ‘Value before Vanity’.

All of our customers do amazing work. They wouldn’t put up with us and our challenge mentality if they didn’t, so these awards are here to stay! (But I can’t promise we will stop talking about them behind their backs.)



Best Newcomer to CRQ

Congratulations to everyone in Vreugdenhill Dairy Foods, and a special shout-out to Leonie, Erik, Jeroen, Gerben and Harry!

When we started working with Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods they were quite vocal about being relatively new to anything Customer Experience Feedback related. They then impressed us by embracing the process like they had been at this for years. They got stuck in from the word ‘go’ (and even before) and kept their momentum up all through the live survey and throughout the reporting stages. They dove deep into their results to ensure they had specific actions for each area of the business that they could follow up on.


“In Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods, customers are at the forefront and are top of mind in everything we do. It is important to Vreugdenhil that we understand how our customers value the relationship they have with us. The research done together with Deep-Insight has given us a clear picture on how to develop even stronger relationships with our customers, with the hopes of an even better outcome in 2024.”

 Gerben van Schaik, Commercial Director, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods 

Best CRQ Focus Amid Change

Congratulations to everyone in invenioLSI, especially Arun Bala, Nader Tirandazi, Tatiana Pankrats, Caroline Silva, Paula Rowlinson, Sudheer Nadipalli.

invenioLSI has grown at a phenomenal pace which has included a successful merger to expand their presence in the North American market. Customer Focus has been at the heart of invenioLSI since the start yet preserving core values is difficult during expansion and change. Despite this, invenioLSI has successfully maintained exceptional Customer Focus.

Using the Customer Relationship Quality (CRQ) methodology has helped invenioLSI to stay close to their customers over the past three years allowing them to measure, understand and respond with action to their customers directly. Better still, their strength in customer focus continues to be recognised by their own customers

As invenioLSI drives change and transformation within their own customers, we are impressed that invenioLSI leads by example by putting their customer relationships at the forefront of what they do.


invenioLSI is honored to receive the “Excellence in CX” Award from Deep-Insight. For the past 3 years invenioLSI and Deep-Insight have worked together to improve customer experience. Supporting efforts to improve customer relationship quality is something I believe is an essential part of running a company. Partnering with Deep-Insight has been a pleasure and an important part in our company’s mission to help our customers succeed.”

 Nader Tirandazi, CEO, invenioLSI

Best Leadership Response to CRQ

Six Degrees has won best leadership response to CRQ

Congratulations to everyone in SixDegrees, especially Chris Abbott, Kirsty Chapman and Tony Wells.

This is a truly deserved award, everything in Customer Experience starts with leadership commitment and drive and Six Degrees have this in spades.

Through working closely with Six Degrees we got to know a leadership team who are fearless in their ownership of every piece of customer feedback. They listen openly and without agenda and immediately review if their current strategies align with what their customers are telling them.

Most importantly Six Degrees’ leadership team supports their people and their teams. We have seen firsthand their dedication to their teams including, attendance & support at client feedback sessions and full transparency on strategic initiatives that will help their people to better support their customers. It is no surprise that Six Degrees have also been named in Newsweek’s list of the UK’s Top 100 Most Loved Workplaces for 2022.


“On behalf of the Six Degrees Leadership Team, we’re thrilled to be recognised for this award.  This year’s survey is the first of three annual CRQ surveys Six Degrees are conducting as we work with our clients to continuously improve the relationship quality and client experience.  We recognise that the whole organisation needs to own Six Degrees’ response if we’re going to be successful in delivering on the promises we have made to our clients. So, we are actively planning to bring our teams, as well as our clients, on the ‘Close the Loop’ journey in the New Year and throughout the programme.”

Kirsty Chapman, Director of Customer Success, Six Degrees Group

Trailblazer in CRQ

Congratulations to everyone in BT Ireland, especially to especially to Alan Shanley, Barry O’Shea, Deirdre Tyrell, Mary McDonagh, Conor Devlin, & Aisling McLaughlin.

BT Ireland has been on a long and successful CRQ journey, each year carefully listening and responding to their customers. Their customers truly value their relationship with BT Ireland, and they have seen tangible benefits from the BT Ireland CRQ programme.

BT Ireland do not want to stand still in this area – they are hungry to be market leaders in CX and are taking significant steps and risks to ensure their customers at the heart of everything they do.

BT Ireland used our ‘CRQ Healthcheck’ to inspire a change programme to disrupt how they measure and manage their Customer Experience to re-focus the entire business on the basics – the value of growing customer relationships. Their pioneering efforts are paying off leading to them winning suite of CX honours, most recently on the European stage.


I’m immensely proud to lead a customer-focused organisation, and I’m very thankful to everyone in BT Ireland for their commitment to winning, developing and retaining customer accounts. Our customer experience culture is a differentiator for us as a business, as our customers have told us in our annual Deep Insight report, and it continues to set us apart.”

Shay Walsh, Managing Director, BT Ireland